AURATiER - for all attractive people living on their own way.




Wearing the Brightness inside of us like a fashion brings "Attraction", and it turns to our AURA, eventually it to be so brilliant like a light of the stars.

People wearing AURA always have sense of existence just being around you, and live their own precious lives all the time.

Brand for all people living their own attractive styles,

That is ... AURATiER

Wear an aura
AURATiER x RYUSUIMON by Goh Shigetomi


One day, designer MOTOKO received a wonderful order from Shigetomi master of RYUSUIMON, "To design and create clothes by using the RYUSUIMON"

RYUSUIMON is art pattern only be created in the source of river, and created by dropping Japanese ink on the surface of the river with reading the way of streaming, then put Japanese paper "WASHI" in the river and make unique and also so beautiful pattern.
It is exactly like a reflection of river's emotion, feeling and expression.

Water is energy, and an energy is love, love is truly ourselves.
RYUSUIMON was created to express this precious flow.

MOTOKO’s work history has started right after receiving material the RYUSUIMON-Japanese unique paper from World renowned Shigetomi master, and trying to form them into material for clothes.

This process has been so difficult and challenging for her, she has been discouraged again and again...

Each time as she dropped her shoulders, Shigetomi master asked her "Are you living this world with your soul feels happy from bottom of your heart?", then she has started exploring the meaning of "What the happiness of the soul".

Finally, autumn in 2019, she has succeeded in disclosing her precious work to the world "The clothes made from RYUSUIMON" including happiness of the soul. Even today, MOTOKO has been telling her own soul "RYUSUIMON" come from her happiness, joy and power to people all over the world wishing their happiness. And her artwork making people happy living in this world on their own style will be never ending story.


RYUSUIMON - Goh Shigetomi

RYUSUIMON artist - Go Shigetomi



She was born in custom-made clothes family, and raised surrounded cloth, the sound of sewing machine and so on.

Since she was still childhood, she' s been observing the moment just only pieces of cloth changed women's lives dramatically many times.

Then after becoming adult, she has been working as a buyer of clothes worldwide. Through her experience as a stylist, she finally got her dream to be a designer in 2016.

Strictly selected cloth, form well pursued and reviewed, water conceptualized design. These whole important elements are created from MOTOKO's inspiration.

As a designer of AURATiER-clothes showing Aura, MOTOKO has been making an effort to create, design clothes, and to contribute for every influential woman providing powerful AURATiER every single day.

AURATiER designer Motoko



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